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A secure organisation should know where their data is and who has access to it. ICT Security is concerned with safeguarding the confidentiality, integrity and availability of an organisations assets - namely its people, information, operations and systems. Securing an organisations assets is essential to maintaining profitability, compliance, corporate image, and a competitive edge.

A successful ICT security strategy will incorporate a number of technologies in order to deliver a unified line of defence against malicious software or inappropriate use of resources that could threaten the integrity of assets, will also raise security awareness within an organisation and protect assets without significantly impacting or disrupting business operations.

The market provides a large number of security solutions - all with pros and cons. agility consultants will architect the perfect solution tailored to our clients requirements and will draw attention to areas like:

  •     Specific business requirements;
  •     Network perimeter defence - Firewall & IDS;
  •     VPN & secure remote access;
  •     Wireless networks;
  •     LAN access controls;
  •     Domain & application security;
  •     Email, Internet access, proxy;
  •     External ICT services; or
  •     Auditing, monitoring, log analysis and management.


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Want to know more?

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