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Due to an increasing reliance on communications technology, each organisation's network is expected to maintain fast and reliable connections between people and computers, sometimes across harsh or challenging environments.

A successful implemented network provides the ability for remote data sharing, email and internet access, automation, security, management and support services whilst actively minimising downtime, effectively managing bandwidth and reducing performance bottlenecks. In addition the network should be scalable and adaptable to meet the ever changing needs of an organisation without incurring excessive additional cost.

In order to achieve success, a network must be well designed with the specific business requirements in mind. Network architects must be able to leverage and combine the capabilities of both, mature and current technologies to provide a reliable and scalable network design that contributes to the ongoing success of the client.

agility consultants have proven experience in working with our clients to deliver successful network design and consulting services to support the implementation requirement tailored WAN & LAN networks. Defendant on the need, designs can include the integration of Wireless, Microwave and Satellite technologies into existing networks and the provision of WAN optimisation and QoS services. We design and deliver VoIP communications utilising standard SIP based infrastructure which can be integrated with traditional ISDN and E1 Telco communications services.

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Want to know more?

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