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Monitoring & Alerting

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Designing a monitoring and alerting solution typically starts with the identification of the right set of details to monitor. This begins with monitoring a broad set of events and performance counters produced by devices or an application, and the giving indicators of the health of the component. Without broad monitoring of the basic health indicators, significant, preemptive warnings about component problems are unlikely, leaving the ICT infrastructure to be managed in a reactive mode.

A monitoring solution based primarily on the exposed health indicators, such as events and performance counters, is a great start, but there is also a significant benefit to moving beyond this and monitoring critical functionality.

agility consultants a familarised with the available solutions on the market however our approach is vendor agnostic and always the clients requirements into account to find, design and implement the solution best fitting the requirements. We design end-to-end processes, starting from infrastructure and application monitoring, to the storage of historical data and the presentation and interpretation of obtained data. Dashboard and reports will be tailored to the unique client requirements and will, in doing so, support the translation of raw monitoring data into meaningful interpretations.


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