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Data Centre Architecture

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The data centre is critical in providing centralised and controlled access to ICT services, resources, storage and applications necessary to support an organisation.

Enterprise class data centre architecture considers global ICT standards and covers a number of areas to comply with these standards. Proper planning of the data centre infrastructure design is critical, and performance, resiliency, and scalability need to be carefully considered.

agility consultants have supported our clients in the process of designing a data centre solution tailored to their specific requirements and facilitated the initial setup and further migrations into the environments. A data centre design typically includes areas such as:

  • Specific business requirements (fail over, DR, replication);
  • Site space and layout (entrance rooms, main distribution areas, rack space);
  • Cabling infrastructure (backbone and horizontal cabling);
  • Network topologies (Top-of-Rack or End-of-Row Switching);
  • Documentated deployment standards;
  • Capacity planning;
  • Service tiered (reliability, availability and fault tolerance); and
  • Environmental considerations (dual power, cooling, monitoring, physical security).