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Risk & Disaster Recovery

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Every organisation relies on its ICT systems to support its business-as-usual (BAU) operations. Unexpected downtime of ICT systems can impact production and operation at significant cost to the business and damage its reputation.

Disaster Recovery planning is an essential part of an organisation's Risk Management strategy and ICT infrastructure should be designed to be capable of supporting Business Continuity in the event of a disaster. An effective Disaster Recovery plan considers the BAU requirements of the organisation, ensures legislative compliance and deliver a practicable solution to maintaining ICT system uptime in the event of a disaster.

agility understands that every organisation is different. Our consultants have guided and supported our clients to develop a Disaster Recovery solution tailored to their specific needs. The design process will consider the like like:

  • Specific business requirements;
  • Analysis and development of an organisations Risk Management strategy;
  • Architecture of ICT infrastructure to support Disaster Recovery processes;
  • Ensure compliance with legislative and industry requirements; and
  • Testing of Disaster Recovery infrastructure and processes.