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agility @ a glance

Virtualisation & Cloud Services

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Organisations have adopted data centre virtualisation technologies in order to reduce cost, improve resiliency and enhance agility. However even today many companies are still unable to reap the full benefits of virtualisation due to resource constraints and the complexity of enabling virtualisation across the data centre. Because virtualisation touches all aspects of ICT infrastructure, including server, storage and networking infrastructures, a successful virtual deployment requires a holistic approach.Many virtualisation projects struggle with initial deployment times, achieving adequate performance and scalability and protecting their virtual assets effectively.

agility consultants have proven experience in working with our clients to get the most out of their virtualisation investments - we support design, implementation, optimisation and maintaining virtualisation implementations of all sizes.


Today ICT departments face unprecedented challenges. Internal business customers continue to demand rapid delivery of innovative services to respond to outside threats and opportunities. Hamstrung by limited staff and budget, ICT departments struggle to keep up, often exhausting resources while simply trying to support their organisation. In this environment, the options have been few: delay innovation that fuels the business or allow business users to procure services without ICT involvement and therefore sacrificing reliability, security, compliance and governance standards. In a conventional ICT environment maintaining existing systems consumes the majority of budgets, leaving little to reinvest in growing the business. Cloud Computing technology promises to break this cycle and unlock resources to fuel innovation.

agility can assist businesses to embrace cloud as a cohesive strategy and supports clients in designing and operating their cloud environments, improving ICT efficiency, agility and reliability, and therefore helping IT drive innovation. agility supports clients to evolve technical foundations, organisational models, operational processes and financial measures to establish both a cloud infrastructure and cloud operations model that delivers the greatest benefit. In other words, agility cloud solutions maximise the potential of cloud computing:

  • Deliver new IT services that fuel business growt;
  • More rapidly create and deploy services that differentiate the business;
  • Transform IT into a source of innovation; and
  • Unlock IT resources and reinvest in services that advance business goals.