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Application Infrastructure

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At a fundamental level an organisation's ICT infrastructure is expected to meet the computing needs and expectations of the business. This is especially true in the provision of infrastructure for hosting applications that are relied upon for the daily operation of the business. Significant variation in application performance can negatively impact on user experience and is highly visible and problematic to the business.

Many applications are designed with unique requirements. For example a heavily transactional application can place the underlying network, server and storage infrastructure under considerable load during periods of increased activity. Where the business requires a service or application to be highly available there may be additional demands placed upon the supporting infrastructure to provide clustering, failover, redundancy and the flexibility to scale out and consume additional resources when required.

An appropriate application infrastructure solution design considers and combines the needs of the business and application requirements in order to deliver a resilient, performing  and seamless experience to the end-user.

agility consultants have proven experience in working with our clients to deliver reliable application infrastructure solutions across a range of applications and infrastructure. We are in constant exchange with major software vendors to be trained in the latest available technology to enable our clients to leverage the feature enhancements available and to support their business in the best possible way.