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ICT audits

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An audit is management tool to ensure corporate governance. The results of IT Audit need not be restricted to IT governance activity; regular external IT Audit projects ensure that executive supervision of technology activities are taken seriously and that IT service contracts are delivered as agreed and in accordance to industry standards. External reviews consider efficiency, costs, service levels, risk profile and business alignment and control best usage of available funds.

agility consultants focus on providing the required oversight to the organisations executive, but also provide truly actionable advice to the ICT departments on how to improve their provided services.

Our audits provide management reports which identify areas of concern, consider industry standards and make recommendations on how measurable improvements can be achieved. The focus of each audit is tailored to our clients individual concerns or requirements. Output of audits can be leveraged to define a infrastructure and service baseline and can support the definition of an ICT strategy.

agility services can range from a short review and planning exercise though to the development, planning and execution of a multi-year audit plan or the permanent placement of a gatekeeper between the organisation and a chosen ICT service provider.