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With qualifications in the ITIL and TOGAF space as well as significant experience from the Technical engineer to the Solutions architect roles allows agility to advise the business in the direction of IM investment as well as Architecting solutions that has immediate deliverables as well as long term value, Supportability and return on investment.
Strategic value can be realized at the business level by designing to business process which are both current as well as long term supportable. On the other end of the project the solution needs to be both supportable and easily managed and aligned with the overall IM skillsets and technologies.
With the rapidly changing  and dynamic nature of IM any and all Solutions, Business Data and infrastructure needs to be scalable, supportable, integratable and migratable to support a life not just in the 1-3 year normal cycle but more critically from the 3-10 year life of the solution. The use of Standard data models, industry standard interfaces, Virtualisation and shared RDBMS solutions ensure business data is quickly and easily accessible to all business units for the future.
Often over looked is the utilisation of forensic IT to identify past business impact and outages and ensuring these are captured as use cases to ensure future designs can mitigate these. History often repeats itself.