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agility @ a glance


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agility through the utilisation of industry standard frameworks and significant experience in the enterprise space has an excellent history of successful delivery of both infrastructure and software solutions. Our significant end to end engagement capabilities ensure both delivery to a high standard as well as being able to recover a project which is slipping on targets. This success is attributed to the implementation of the following skills to a high level.
·         Combining both a very high standard of documentation as well as effective communication across a wide range of business units and levels ensure solution delivery begins correctly from day one.
·         This combined with regular catch-ups and progress reporting ensure quick identification of delays and pain points to all project members and the ability to bring the solution back on track quickly.
·         Ongoing it is essential for all delivery members have clear visibility of all the necessary components as well as final solution configuration and understanding of scope and destination of the solution. This can only effectively be done by high standards of documentation, communication and team management.